Your Favourite Site is Now Your Favourite Feed

So you have a website you'd love to be notified of updates on.  You have picked a feed reader - but how do you get your favourite website's feed?

There's a few ways - how you do it depends on how your favourite site runs.


Embedded in the website

Most web feeds will simply contain references in their code to any feeds they contain. 

If you copy and paste the URL of your favourite site into your feed reader, it should be able to process the code of the website and give you a selection of every feed linked in that web page.

Some websites offer different feeds on different subsections of their site.  Be aware that the feeds on offer on a search results page may differ from the feeds on offer in a user's image gallery!


Direct Link to Feeds

Sometimes websites will not have feeds embedded in the page code, but instead will link directly to the feed itself. 

Look for links referencing the words feeds, RSS, ATOM, and subscribe, or displaying the radial broadcast icon

Occasionally some sites will have a dedicated page where all their web feeds can be found instead of links from individual pages.  For example, NASA has a page listing every one of their feeds instead of embedding feeds in their site code.

Photo by demaerre/iStock / Getty Images

Create Your Own Feed

For advanced users only!

If the site you're using doesn't support web feeds, you can process it and create your own.

Feed43 is a site that allows you to input a URL, decompose the contents of the page, and process those contents into a feed you can plug into any reader.