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You Need Feeds is happy to provide starter packs of feeds on a wide range of topics and interests. Download a starter pack, import it into your feed reader, and you’ll be instantly subscribed to a bundle of feeds on the topic of your choice.

How Starter Packs Work

Starter packs are OPML files, a kind of file that bundles several feeds together in a convenient package. To use a starter pack, download the pack and import it into your feed reader (the process for imports varies from reader to reader). Pick as many starter packs as you want - there's no limit on how many you can import.

Our Starter Pack Topics

USA News Firehose
Books Bundle
Account Avoidance
Comic Collection
Podcast Pack
Delicious Dining
Fascination Station
Gaming Greatness

Science Showcase
Tinseltown Tour
Music Hotline
Travel Trail
Tech Talk
Politics Fightbox
Everything by Everyone
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USA News Firehose

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The USA News Firehose starterpack includes a set of subscriptions to keep you up to date on the very latest in United States news.

  • Reuters US News

  • Fox News

  • CNN US Headlines

Books Bundle

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Get the best new reads direct to your feeds.

  • NYT Book Review

  • Goodreads Blog

  • Guardian Books

  • New York Review of Books

Account Avoidance

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Many sites across the internet demand you register in order to subscribe to your favourite channels and creators.  What isn't always on display is that those same channels offer web feeds that you can access without needing an account at all!  This pack offers a grab bag of interesting content from the web, along with a demonstration of the variety of major sites in which you can skip registration entirely.

  • Youtube - Primitive Technology

  • Tumblr - BEEPLE

  • Reddit - 'Aww' subreddit

  • Vimeo - Kosuke Sugimoto

Comic Collection

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Liven up your life with a selection of serial storytelling and daily funnies. Includes:

  • XKCD

  • Three Panel Soul

  • Kill Six Billion Demons

  • Let's Speak English

  • Foxtrot

  • Dilbert

  • Hark a Vagrant

  • Nedroid

Podcast Pack

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A 'podcast' is a kind of radio show delivered to you via the internet.  They can be true crime, serial fiction, documentaries, and much more.  There are dedicated podcast players out there, but you don't need a dedicated podcast player to keep up with the latest in audio storytelling.  Podcast players are actually a type of specialised feed reader at their core, so you can keep track ofyour podcast subscriptions in your regular feed reader.  Includes:

  • Twenty Thousand Hertz

  • Uncanny Japan

  • Darknet Diaries

  • Noclip

  • Lore

  • Plumbing the Death Star

  • The Magnus Archives

  • Revolutions

Delicious Dining

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Indulge in this excess of recipes and dining experiences.

  • Smitten Kitchen

  • Serious Eats

  • Skinnytaste

Fascination Station

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Feed your mind with these treasure troves of interesting histories and discussions. 

  • Atlas Obscura

  • Damn Interesting

  • 99PI

Gaming Greatness

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News, reviews, previews and more from the electronic world.

  • It Runs Doom!

  • Nerfwire

  • Niche Gamer

  • No Wrong Way to Play

  • Rock Paper Shotgun

  • Steam Spy

  • IGN

  • Major Nelson

  • Gematsu

  • Tiny Cartridge

  • Co Optimus

Science Showcase

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News from the new frontiers of science, and more!

  • What If? xkcd

  • NASA Image of the day

  • Popular Science

  • New Scientist

  • Scientific American

Tinseltown Tour

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From Hollywood glamour to home viewing on Netflix, you'll find it here.

  • Slashfilm

  • The AV Club

  • Enterntainment Weekly

  • TMZ

Music Hotline

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The latest sounds straight to your ears.

  • 3Hive

  • NME

  • Stereogum

  • Pitchfork

  • Bandcamp Daily

Travel Trail

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There's a whole world out there to explore, and this pack is here to help guide you.

  • Lonely Planet

  • The Points Guy

  • Adventure Journal

Guns Galore

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Keep up to date with the tools you need for sports, hunting and personal security.

  • Forgotten Weapons

  • Impro Guns

  • NRA Blog

  • The Firearm Blog

Tech Talk

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News and views from the bleeding edge of today's tech.

  • The Register

  • Hacker News

  • Lifehacker

  • TechCrunch

  • The Keyword (Official Google Blog)

  • Code Of Honor

  • Random ASCII

  • Coding Horror

  • The Old New Thing

Politics Fightbox

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Missing just a little bit of the fight of social media?  Get the latest hot takes and spicy opinions with this balanced collection of sources of discourse.  Includes feeds for

  • Ace of Spades HQ

  • Vox

  • David Thompson

  • Slate

  • National Review's The Corner

  • Popehat

  • Slate Star Codex

  • Status 451

  • The Atlantic Best-Of

  • Sultan Knish

  • The Volokh Conspiracy

  • Five Thirty Eight

Everything by Everyone

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Get all of the starter packs, combined! 

Be warned, this is a *lot* of content!  You might want to do some pruning after you’ve imported this megapack into your feed reader of choice.

And More?

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