Web-Based Readers

A very popular option today is to subscribe to your feeds using a website service.  This allows you to check what's new at anytime, anywhere. 


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Feedbin is a straight-to-the-point feed reader with a clean three-column interface. 

  • Configurable support for third party sharing services

  • Newsletter-to-feed conversion service

  • Full text retrieval for feeds that only give partial articles

  • Recently-read memory

  • $5 per month after free trial


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Probably the most popular feed reader in the world,  Feedly offers a in-depth array of features.

  • Discovery directory for finding more feeds on a topic

  • Inbuilt sharing and custom friend feeds. See what your friends are reading

  • Customisable interface, from compact lines to large visual galleries

  • $5.41 per month, billed annually. Free tier available


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Inoreader bills itself as "The content reader for power users who want to save time." and its features and UI are designed around that. 

  • Auto-tagging rules and automation

  • Discovery and sharing of interesting content

  • Limited ad-supported free tier, Starter tier $1.25 a month, Plus tier $2.50 a month

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The Old Reader

Designed initially to accomodate users from Google's old reader service, The Old Reader focuses on the same quick reading and sharing functionality that Google Reader had.

  • Share and comment on friends' shared items

  • Premium subscriptions available for $3 per month



Newsblur is a feed reader with a variety of added social features, and a predictive filter for when you’re subscribed to many feeds at once.

  • NewsBlur's training filters let you automatically hide stories you don't want to see and highlight the stories that interest you. Teaching NewsBlur your preferences for certain blogs, authors, and topics automates finding something interesting from your feeds.

  • Sharing and commenting enabled on any feed, allowing for discussions between site users about feed items

  • The Blurblogs feature allows users who aren’t Newsblur users to follow things you share and comment on

  • Free, with a premium option for $36/year


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BazQux Reader

BazQux describest themselves to You Need Feeds:
"BazQux Reader focuses on your effectivity. It works fast, has clean interface, supports reading of Twitter/FB/G+/Instagram/VK, extracts full text from truncated feeds, shows post comments, has many view modes including mixed one, has search and filters and many more features. It has wonderful mobile website where you can zoom as well. And it's paid only reader so there are no ads or tracking and it updates your feeds in time."

$19 or $29 annually, or $149 for a lifetime subscription.