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Do you want to get informed of the latest updates on your favourite site, but don't want to clog your inbox with newsletter after newsletter?

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Ever had a website that you loved, but it didn't update on any regular schedule? One that you eventually stopped checking, just because you forgot about it?

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Are you sick of big websites trying to decide what you should see, despite what you’ve subscribed to? Sick of "the algorithm" shuffling what order you get told of things, if at all?


A web feed is a special listing of the latest content from your favourite site.  News, music, video and more - whatever is new, web feeds will show you.  What's more, you can combine your favourite feeds using a feed reader application - and suddenly the whole web comes to you. 
You don't have to do the work of staying on top any more.  You can now visit a single site, or use a single app, and see everything that's new and interesting.  You choose the content.  You're in control. 

Best of all:

  • Feeds are free. Subscribing to a web feed costs nothing at all.

  • Feeds are easy. Just copy the URL of a web page containing a feed (or the address of the feed directly), paste it into your preferred reader, and you're finished!

  • Feeds are everywhere. Huge amounts of the web already support web feeds right this minute - they just don't advertise. You'd be surprised at what major sites are producing feeds right now!

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